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What is the Canadian Life Science and Technology Park?


What is the Canadian Life Science and Technology Park

Imagine a consolidated life science and technology park home to the start-up and commercial sized companies who are adapting digital strategies to the unique context of development and manufacturing.  In other words, it is the introduction to true partnership, more connectivity, increased productivity, simplified compliance and ability to leverage production information to respond to problems as they emerge.

Why do we need the Canadian Life Science and Technology Park

Because Canada and the world need change. We need change in how we do business locally and globally by one – providing a special economic zone easing the way for entrepreneurs to blaze their trail, two – improving the way we work together where competition is secondary and partnership is primary, third – enabling organizations with a product lifecycle to leverage the full potential of digitalization to provide faster therapeutic innovations and improved production processes for the benefit of patients.

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This development site is located within the Keswick Business Park which is comprised of 500 Acres of employment lands. The Canadian Life Science and Technology Park will be the first of its kind in the York Region and will be split into 21 lots comprising of 1 to 5 acre parcels with an estimated 826,000 sqft of buildable space

and is expected to bring in over 1,700 jobs once fully developed. The location is Ideal for both businesses and commuters as it’s only 2 kms North of the 404 HWY extension at Woodbine Avenue and only a 4-minute drive to the soon to be HWY 404-400 Bradford Bypass.

The Canadian Life Science and Technology Park falls within the Georgina municipality of York Region and is located at 23349 Woodbine Avenue in Keswick Ontario. This 56 Acre ecosystem is set to become the home of start-ups and established organizations within the Life Science and Technology community with demographics including but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Security
  • Collaborative Robotics
  • Others

  • Drug Discovery and Development
  • Clinical Trials
  • Manufacturing
  • Others

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Bioprocessing Companies
  • CROs and CDMOs
  • Warehousing
  • Hospitals
  • Academia
  • Others

— Vision

  • Minimizing foreign export of technology, manufacturing and talent
  • Partnering academic and research, industry, government and investment community
  • Capacity for purpose build and high-performance research, development and manufacturing
  • Converging real estate, people, ideas, machines/systems and data within one singular network

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  • Ongoing pandemic readiness
  • Enhancing safety, quality and compliance
  • Bridging startup and established businesses
  • Connecting Life Science and Technology industries
  • Smarter and faster manufacturing via Industry/Pharma 4.0



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  • Incorporated in an innovation friendly environment
    • Enables Government support
  • Presence of tertiary education, universities and other research institutes
    • Established appropriate partnerships and acts as an incubator
  • Entrepreneurial culture
    • Determines innovation and manufacturing strength
  • Well-functioning network of innovative/creative businesses and institutions
    • Establishes and aligns appropriate partnerships between academia and industry
  • Industrial structure
    • Enables transition from R&D to commercial scale
  • Well-functioning labour market of knowledge workers
    • Ability to utilize existing, attract new, train and retain knowledge workers
  • Attractive residential and living environment
    • Captivates and retains workers
  • Degree of urbanisation
    • Location, access, diversity, size and metropolitan reach are key influentials
  • Available sources of financing
    • Essential to attract the right team, right tenants and overall execution of vision in hand
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  • Embedding of the park in local and provincial economic space
  • Market research supports vision
  • Clear focused profile being Life Science and Technology with right mixtures of anchor and non-anchor tenants
  • Creativity stimulating working environment
    • Events, amenities, health and exercise, landscaping, food and drink, etc.
  • Target-group focused design
    • Scale, type, sector and sub-sector, architecture, environment, amenities, security, physical infrastructure, landscaping, office, etc.
  • Branding and marketing
  • Mentorship and training
  • Available capacity
  • Extensive partnerships instead of competition
  • Strong industry management
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We label ourselves “daytime dreamers and executers for a reason:  we want to make happy not just what is possible but what is needed.

The Canadian Life Science and Technology Park is a unique investment opportunity, unequalled anywhere else and not a “business as usual” opportunity.

Be part of our vision, invest in the new future of parks, invest in the Canadian Life Science and Technology Park.

— Our Team


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More than half of Keswick Business Park’s 500 acres have already been snapped up by industrial, high-tech developers